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Hard Baits For All Seasons. V.I.B - Very Important Bait!

Helping fishermen. What catalogs are silent about.

Perhaps now it is impossible to find an experienced fisherman who would not have at least some of compact "vibes" in his arsenal. It’s rather hard to discover  within  these baits intraspecific variety. Nothing seems to be new in the design of "rattlers" invented, but still  those  lures are very different. Oblong and compact, "rattlin’" and "quiet," heavy and not really, large and tiny, used for vertical fishing, or just for casting ...
It turns out that rattlers or vibes are definitely most universal baits among hard lures. The modern variety of  vibes  can shock an unprepared fisherman.
Anglers Zoom team presents hot universal all-season vibes in the Anglers Box: “Hard Bait For All Seasons. Very Important Bait: V.I.B.”
The issue is dedicated to the representatives of the extensive family of wobblers

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