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Trout Union Cup 2015 Tour 1 – Total Recall… looking forward Tour 2 coming. Part 3 (English)

On the role of the individual in the common victory.

The third and final part of the series of Spring Cup Union Trout (Trout Union Cup - 2015 Tour 1) raise the veil of the hidden, of what most athletes tend not to tell and even try to mislead…
What one use for fishing? How to choose the type of bait? Whom the color of the bait catches – angler or fish?
In anticipation of the start of the Trout Union Cup - 2015 Tour 2 Slovakia let’s have a look trough exciting footage of the previous tournament and speculate who will win this time?
We already know that the tournament in Svit set a new record - more than 100 participants are registered at the Tour 2! More and more countries are joining for the biggest competition in the world of fishing in the style of Stream Trout!