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Trout Union Cup. Fall trout and other actors. Part 1 (English)

Autumn stage of the Trout Union Cup, that was held in Slovakia in September 2015.

This coming May, all fans of stream trout fishing have two important events: the Trout Union Cup in Romania and World Championship fishing with artificial lures from the shore in Slovakia. And if the venue of the Romanian Trout Union Cup (which are going to participate over a hundred athletes) - River Tarnawa Mare – is not enough known, about the river Poprad, which is the place of the World Championship, we can tell you all the details. As well as about the participants of that. Why? Just because the autumn stage of the Trout Union Cup 2015 was held in Slovakia on the river Poprad. And, as you know, many countries have sent to the Trout Union Cup those of their competitors who claimed to participate in the World Championship. So, we offer you a film about the Fall stage of the Trout Union Cup 2015. Watch and prepare for new events of Stream Trout Season 2016!